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The simple elixir of tea is of our natural world. The tea leaf is a product of the Earth’s fertile soil, radiant sun and nurturing rain. The water in which it is steeped is one of the Earth’s primary and most powerful elements. Together they make an incredible beverage of life to savor and dwell in.

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Freshly Tea Bags

A tea bag or teabag is a small, porous, sealed bag or packet, typically containing tea leaves or the leaves of other herbs, which is immersed in water to steep and make an infusion.

Making A Cup Of Teas

Life is brew-tea-ful with a cup of tea.

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It’s a relaxing drink that helps increase our attention and focus, is heart-friendly, good for the gut, and may help manage blood sugar

High-Quality Teas
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Tea plant is an evergreen shrub with bright green, shiny leaves that are often hairy on their underside. The tea plants’ white, scented flowers occur either on their own or in clusters of two to four. The fruits of the tea plant are brownish-green and contain one to four spherical or flattened seeds.

The Ultimate Tea Experience

Extraordinary teas meet unparalleled presentation for an exceptional experience that could only be Teapoz.

We work directly with growers that share our dedication and determination to producing the definitive expression of every type of tea we feature. Our ingredients represent less than 1% of all the teas available worldwide. Our diverse, subtle flavors are a result of creating without compromise.